How Kickback works

Local Laborers Near You

Kickback is a local worker app; long gone are the days of aimlessly searching for people to do tasks and other odd jobs you have to do around your home

Through Kickback you can request almost any kind of job

Local Junk Removal Services through KickbackLocal Junk Removal Services through Kickback

Set the price you want to pay, and the task you want completed! Choose the time, set a description, and let the laborer know if tools are included or not for the job!

Post a Task


Workers view


Your task gets posted on a map for other local laborers to see! And they can apply to your job request! (The exact address is hidden until they are accepted)

You can check out a laborer's reviews and their ratings and then select who you'd like to completed your task!

Choose a tasker


Task complete!


The tasker will fulfill your request and complete your task! Then you can, pay, rate and tip all through the app!

How kickback works
How kickback works
Kickback How it works
Kickback How it works

Plan a time


Discuss with your tasker the best time to come out and complete the job!

Frequently Asked Quesitons

Here are some common questions that we get asked!

How do I download Kickback?

Kickback is available on IOS and Android

How do I find a handyman on Kickback?

Simply, make an account and then post! They will come to you!

What if I forget my password on Kickback

If you have trouble logging in, you can use the "Forgot Password" in the login screen to regain access to your account. Follow the steps provided in the app to reset your password.

How are payments handled on Kickback?

You can make payments with your debit or credit card within Kickback! Payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Are there Fees for using Kickback?

Kickback charges a small 5% fee to both sides of the transaction.

When is my card charged?

Your card is only charged when the task is complete, you are then prompted to pay the tasker through the app!

What if a service provider does not show up or complete the task?

If a service provider doesn't fulfill their obligations, you can report the issue to Kickback's customer support, and appropriate action will be taken.

If the tasker doesn't show up at all, you can cancel your task and their show-up rate will decrease.

Is Kickback Safe?

Kickback aims to be as safe as possible, before choosing a tasker, look at their profile, what others have said about their work and their rating. Their portfolio and their social media links.